All Seminars are on Mondays, from 1:00 - 2:30 pm, in North Hall 2111.
A reception with light refreshments follows the talk.

MONDAY Oct-02   Mike Gurven UC Santa Barbara, Anthropology   "Costs of Reproduction in Natural Fertility Populations"  
MONDAY Oct-16  Terence Keel UC Santa Barbara, Black Studies  "How Christian Thought became the Science of Human Bio-Diversity"
MONDAY Oct-30 Amy Boddy  UC Santa Barbara, Anthropology  "Life History Theory and Cancer" 
MONDAY Nov-13 Deborah Cobb-Clark  University of Sydney, Economics  "The Effect of Quarantining Welfare on School Attendance in Indigenous Communities" Shelly Lundberg 
MONDAY Dec-4 Tony Goldberg  University of Wisconsin, Epidemiology  "Scary viruses, killer tapeworms ad nostril ticks: emerging infections in a changing global environment" Mike Gurven 
MONDAY Jan-22 Kyle Crowder  University of Washington, Sociology  "The Social Drivers of Residential Stratification" Susie Cassels
MONDAY Feb-05 Emily Oster  Brown University, Economics  "Changes in Household Diet: Determinants and Predictability" Peter Kuhn 
MONDAY Feb-12 Joscha Legewie  Yale, Sociology   "Policing and the Educational Performance of Minority Youth" Maria Charles 
MONDAY Feb-26 Douglas Almond  Columbia University, Economics  "Perinatal Health Among 1 Million American-born Chinese"   Heather Royer 
MONDAY Mar-5  Siobhán Mattison University of New Mexico, Anthropology  "The Demography of Matriliny" Mike Gurven 
MONDAY Mar-12​  Rachel Franklin  Brown University, Spacial Structures and Social Sciences  "Capturing the Spatial Dimensions of Decline: Metrics for Characterizing Population Loss"  Stewart Sweeney 
MONDAY  Apr-9  Tufuku Zuberi  Lasry Family Professor of Race Relations, University of Pennsylvania, Sociology  "The Population Principle of Race" Howard Winant 
MONDAY  Apr-23  Jennifer Glass  University of Texas - Austin, Sociology   "The Lie That Wouldn't Die? Women's Occupational Choices and Work-Life Amenities" Maria Charles 
MONDAY  May-7  Hilary Hoynes  University of California, Berkeley, Economics  "Local Food Prices, SNAP Purchasing Power, and Child Health" Shelly Lundberg 
MONDAY May-21 Raziel Davison UC Santa Barbara, Anthropology "Evolutionary Retrospectives on the Human Life History Trajectory: Lessons from Small-Scale Societies and Chimpanzees"
MONDAY  Jun-11 Janet Afary and Roger Friedland UC Santa Barbara, Religious Studies "Critical Theory, Authoritarianism, and the Politics of Lipstick: From Weimar Republic to the Contemporary Middle East."